Ediciones Emilianenses

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By Emiliano Navas Sánchez
Ilustrations: Valle Camacho Matute

ISBN: 978-84-938035-4-4

First edición: 2003. Logroño.
Price: 30 euros. Incluye Cd Rom multimedia

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An attractive, illustrated children's book giving information on the origin of the first words written in Romance and Basque in the Monastery of San Millán de Suso (La Rioja).


Two children and their teacher visit the Monastery of San Millán de Suso, declared Heritage of Humanity. They discover the place where the first words were written in ancient Castilian Spanish (Romance) and Basque. A detailed guide takes you through the concepts in an appropriate manner for children: the monastery, the Romance language, glosses, parchment, the Codex, the first "linguistic researchers" in Spanish.


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Table of Contents

The Life of Millán or Emiliano
The Middle Ages
The Origin of the Monastery of Suso in La Rioja
The Kingdom of Pamplona Nájera
The Scriptorium of Suso
The Copyists
The Glosses
Codex 60 or Glosses of St. Emilianus Codex 46
The Research of Claudio and Javier García Turza
The Graffiti of the Monastery of San Millán

Table of Contents of CD-Rom

The Origins of the Monastery of Suso in La Rioja
The Scriptorium of Suso
Learning How to Investigate
I'm a Pilgrim
Let's Play

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Educational details
Recommended Age:
+ 8 years

You will enjoy this book if you like:
Discovering the origins of written Spanish.
Transporting yourself to life in the Middle Ages.
Discovering how the first books were made.
The script and calligraphy of the past.

Areas of knowledge:
Spanish language and literature.
Art education.
Knowledge about natural, social, and cultural environments.
Introduction to New Technologies.



Ediciones Emilianenses

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Ediciones Emilianenses

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