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A look at social inequality in Logroño from the perspective of social education



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By María Jesús Escalona Herce, Emiliano Navas Sánchez, Pedro Vallés Turmo, Otilia Vallespí Cantabrana

Instituto de Estudios Riojanos, Logroño, 1995


Classic research into childhood in the Old Quarter of Logroño


Research carried out in 1991 by Social Education in order to learn about the experiences of children and adolescents in different contexts: family, school, work, personal relationships, and free time, based on the self-reporting by the children.

The authors use contextual pedagogy as a starting point. This is based on the educator-educator ties and on the implication on their daily life.

Each chapter puts forward a series of proposals that attempt to implicate social entities and institutions in developing policies that promote the rights of Childhood.


Table of Contents

Theoretical and Methodological Aspects
Family Environment
School Life
Work Conditions
Preferable Social Relationships
Leisure and Free Time
Knowledge and Use of Drugs
What Children Require of their Environment
Community Studies on Three Neighborhoods in Logroño




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Research based on self-reporting
Educating beyond the beaten path
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Social education
Research techniques in education
Contextual pedagogy



Ediciones Emilianenses

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Ediciones Emilianenses

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