Ediciones Emilianenses
Scriptorium Emilianense Collection

Handcrafted books depicting the beauty of medieval miniatures



 Ivory of San Millán
Romanesque Coffer and Relics

New Release!

Complete Alphabet of Codex 46
Monastery of San Millán de Suso

Medieval copyists.





Rustic Roman Calligraphy Workbook

Uncial Calligraphy Workbook

Beneventan Calligraphy Workbook 




Gothic Calligraphy Workbook

  Capitular Letter from Codex 46.
Monastery of Suso

 Bestiary of the Codex Albeldense




Complete Alphabet of Codex Albeldense

 Alphabet of Capitalis Quadrata
New Release!


 Collection of Bookmarks from the Codex Albeldensis
Series of Fanciful Animals


Collection of Bookmarks form Codex 46
Alphabet Series

Medieval Calligraphy
The Workshop



Ediciones Emilianenses

A new way of approaching the Humanities

Ediciones Emilianenses

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