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By Valle Camacho Matute, Emiliano Navas Sánchez. Calligraphies: Valle Camacho Matute

62 pages, 21 x 18 cm
First edition: 2008. Logroño.
ISBN: 978-84-612-6028-7
PVP: 35 euros

Reproduction of the ivory from the coffer of St. Millán, also known as Emiliano


The coffer with the relics of St. Millán was presented to the faithful to worship as a collection of images carved in ivory that reflected the life of the saint written by Braulio (675-667), bishop of Zaragoza. This piece was promoted by the abbot Blas from the Monastery of San Millán, and was placed on the altar of the new church of Yuso on 26 September 1067 during the reign of Sancho IV.

The authors have carried out a rigorous reproduction of the images carved in ivory, describing the missing images based on the texts by Prudencio de Sandoval.


Prudencio de Sandoval describes the coffer as:

"a sumptuous coffer of gold and ivory with figures in relief representing several stories of the life of the Saint, as written by St. Braulio.(…) The coffer is made of wood and plated in gold, and, carved in ivory, many images have been sculpted. It is completely covered in precious stones, and others of large crystal, rubies, emeralds, and others that seem to be of value though we do not recognize them. (…) The story of St.Millán is carved in twenty two panels or compartments that cover the entire body of the coffer with another on its frontispiece.".


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The Middle Ages
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