Ediciones Emilianenses
Collection of 23 letters from the Roman alphabet


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By Valle Camacho Matute
Emiliano Navas Sánchez

Available in several formats

PVP: 200 euros

(Collection of 23 letters from the Roman alphabet)

Also available at Aurea bookstore, in Madrid, the only bookstore specializing in classical Latin and Greek philology, archeology, ancient history,and Hispanic philology.


Collection of 23 letters from the Roman alphabet
written by hand in calligraphy based on Monumental script.
Available in several formats.


Monumental script Capitalis quadrata
(third century BC)

The Romans developed a highly elaborated form of writing on stone. Two artisans carried out the process: the ordinator (calligrapher) and the stonemason, who carved the inscription.

This work is a handcrafted calligraphic representation of beautiful Monumental script
in stone.

Script M


Educational details
Recommended age:
+ 9 years

You will enjoy these letters if you like:
Knowing about Roman calligraphy and inscriptions.
Drawing and using India ink.
Learning about the calligraphy of the past.
Areas of knowledge:
Art Education.
Social Sciences, Geography, and History.
Visual and Plastic Arts Education.



Ediciones Emilianenses

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Ediciones Emilianenses

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