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By F.J. Rico Lombardo; Virginia Pedrero Boceta
Illustrations by: Virginia Pedrero Boceta

16 pages, 13 x 27 cm.

Ediciones Emilianenses
First edition, 2009. Logroño.
ISBN: 978-84-937178-6-5

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CRISIS has emerged as a graphic reflection on the financial crisis we are undergoing and the media stir that has emerged around it.

CRISIS aspires to transmit this reflection to the general public. This book will be extremely useful for students in secondary school as an approach to current events and an opportunity to work with concepts -primarily economic ones - such as poverty, underdevelopment, consumerism, globalization, sustainable development, biodiversity...


Some pages...

Some pages...


While the news innundates us with statistics of collapse: stock market prices, indexes of consumer confidence, consumption, investment...

...we believe a deeper reflection is necessary, one with a threefold objective: situating the crisis in its context, separating the economy from economism, and revealing the power of this illustrated book as an educational tool that enables young people to absorb concepts lost in the over-information that surrounds us.

"CRISIS" reproduces an accounting ledger and the colors that are most striking (red and blue) are the classic colors of story books.
The slightly aged look of the drawings and ruled pages transports us to a universe from another time, also incorporating current artistic techniques as tools for symbolism.

As well, the text itself becomes another graphic element that "roams about" the pages, reinforcing its meaning throughout.

Illustrations by Virginia Pedrero

The book is illustrated by VIRGINIA PEDRERO BOCETA (Madrid, 1973.) Dedicating oneself to art in these times means a definitive committment to CRISIS. And in case this commitment is insufficient, she also works as a secondary school art teacher, thereby guaranteeing her survival with some continuity.

Virginia Pedrero began painting with tempera on wood and canvas-exhibited in the Amador de los Ríos Gallery- but these mediums took up too much space in her ever-shrinking house. So, thanks to the real estate speculation ravaging Madrid, she kept reducing her formats until in 2008 her paintings became small enough to be called illustrations. This is the first of her illustrated books to be published.


F.J. RICO LOMBARDO (Campillo de Llerena, Badajoz, 1974), was born exactly a year after the beginning of the first oil crisis. He began his studies of Economics at the University of Extremadura in 1992, during the full-fledged crisis of the European Monetary system and with the hangover of the Olympic Games and Expo that left everyone with infinite debts to pay off. He got his degree in 1997 when the Asian crisis began to spread among "emerging" economies, like the flus that would come years later.
In the end he decided to enter a sector that is constantly in crisis: education. Currently he teaches Economics at a secondary school in Madrid, he has published several articles in online newspapers and local magazines and could not avoid expressing his thoughts on the current crisis in the pages of this book.

Educational file
Recommended age:
+14 years.

You will enjoy this book if you like:
Understanding the world globally
Areas of Knowledge:
Social Science, Geography, History,
Art Education




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