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By Emiliano Navas Sánchez
Illustrations: Valle Camacho Matute

ISBN: 978-84-609-1979-7
First edición: 2004. Logroño.

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The book suggests educating the eye to discover historical and architectural aspects that everyday life prevents us from seeing


Logroño, An Illustrated History of the City is an educational contribution to learning how to contemplate the city: the origins of its name -which means sacred place in the Berone forest-; its medieval wall; the Inquisition; daily life in the village; intra-history, definitively contributing to a sense of citizenship.
We propose giving meaning and value to what surrounds us on a daily basis. We aim to promote knowledge and esthetic taste, enjoy the architectural jewels that surround us, and relate history to the traditions we faithfully carry on, year after year, such as the Festival of San Bernabé.

Readers' attention will move from the text to the images, and the images to the text, motivating a search for information throughout the city.
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Table of Contents

First Inhabitants: the Berones and the Romans
Logroño in the Muslim Reconquista
Logroño and its Bridges
The Fuero of Logroño (11th century)
The Comic of San Bartolomé (12th century)
Jews in Logroño (11th - 14th century)
The Seige of Logroño (1521)
Logroño and the Inquisition (1570)
Daily Life in Logroño in the Golden Age
The Peak of Logroño: Customs of Castile in the 16th Century
A History of the City: Memorial for the City of Logroño (1633)
Logroño and Wine (7th century)
Logroño, an Open City (1861-1900)
Two Celebrated Figures (Sagasta and Espartero)
Main Events for the New City (1861-1932)

Church of San Bartolomé in the 16th century

Logroño cultivated many vineyards in the 16th century

Educational details
Recommended age:
+ 12 years

You will enjoy this book if you like:
Discovering how people lived in other eras.
Discovering cities and their evolution.
Strolling through old quarters.
Drawing and using watercolor.
Areas of Knowledge:
Knowledge of the Environment
Social Science, Geography, and History
Visual and Plastic Arts Education
Spanish Language




Ediciones Emilianenses

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Ediciones Emilianenses

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