Ediciones Emilianenses

Ediciones Emilianenses
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By Azucena Escalona Baños
Ilustrations: Valle Camacho Matute

watercolors, acrylics and oils.

Pages: 36. 29,5 cm x 24 cm.

First edition: 2006. Logroño.
ISBN: 978-84-609-9377-3
PVP: 19 euros



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This album adeptly draws together unites Literature and Language, fantasy and reality


In the village of Happy Valley everyone is very sad, songs are no longer sung and jokes are no longer told.

The children don't go to school, bells don't chime, and even the birds don't sing. The streets are deserted and doors are closed. No one dares go outside because, three days ago, a gigantic dragon took control of the entrance to the valley, and , planting himself there, the dragon roars and spits fire, while his enormous tail knocks down trees, destroys sidewalks and bridges...

The six stories in the album aim to stimulate and develop children's spontaneity and creativity through the subjectivity that Literature provides, and the distance between Literature and reality. The stories are crafted with straightforward expressions, fun word plays, and simple rhyme so that children can easily follow the rhythm of the tale.


What the illustrator says:

Illustrating a story is always a privilege.

Authors pass a magic wand to the illustrator to develop the adventures they have written... So, it's an act of camaraderie as well as a risk for the creator of the text because they put their projects in the hands of the illustrator.

It' s interesting to let the images flow spontaneously. This allows illustrators to get involved in the fantasy before any other readers and express themselves with almost the same energy as a child.

Educational details
Recommended age:
+7 years

You will enjoy this book if you like:
Discovering fantastic worlds.
Observing diverse drawing techniques.
Letting illustrations carry you away.
Areas of knowledge:
Spanish language and literature
Art education



Ediciones Emilianenses

A new way of approaching the Humanities

Ediciones Emilianenses

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