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Title: In situ. Watercolor-Haikus
Watercolor-Haikus: Begoña López Benito

Calligraphies: Valle Camacho Matute.

Fernando Benito Labarta y Begoña Abad de la Parte

144 pages, 30 x 22 cm

ISBN: 978-84-612-5238-1
First edition: 2008. Logroño.
PVP: 30 euros.

Haikus and watercolor share a lack of artifice, an immediacy, vitality. A haiku is often compared to a pebble cast into the pond of the reader's mind, calling forth associations of memory.

Santa María de Cameros, Terroba de Cameros, Soto en Cameros, Treguajantes, Islallana, the Leza River, Ebro Park in Logroño, the vegetable gardens of Madre de Díos, Daroca, the beaches of Cambrils.
Her watercolors are helpings of rescued existence, captured pieces in this ever flowing river.


The book is composed of eighty watercolors and their respective haikus.
Begoña writes like she paints, creating a delicious path where color continues to have a place, but so does the song of a grasshopper and the heat, a good mood and silence, and other matters that transcend the human sphere.


The bell's chime
just now
alights on the bloom.
(Parque del Ebro, Iglesia de Santiago
Logroño, 1999)


The window,
no early riser,
awakens at dawn.
(Terroba de Cameros, La Rioja, 2005)
Grasshopper kisses
and sweat,
travel companions.
(Treguajantes, La Rioja, 1997)


For stones,
is water.

(El río Leza, por Soto en Cameros, 2007)

The breeze,
brings to light
the callousness of rock.

(Cambrils, Tarragona, 1991)

Abandoned yet not empty.
In ruins yet alive.
My roots.
(Santa María de Cameros, La Rioja, 2007)

As the leaf falls,
perspiring grass
is comforted.
(Valvanera, La Rioja,1991)

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All ages

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